Asmedia Asm1061 Drivers For Mac

четверг 13 февраляadmin
Hi all, I found a mobo with 8 on board SATA ports:
ASRock A75 extreme6: 8 SATA 6.0 ports, 6 run by A75 and 2 run by ASMedia ASM1061 on-board controller.
My question is are these 8 on-board ports worked straight out of the box with 8 new drives? Can freenas recognize the HDDs connected to all 8 on-board ports and no need to install chipset drivers manually? I have checked ASRock website, only windows drivers available, no linux/freebsd/mac drivers.
I'm worried that freenas 8.01 doesn't support A75 chipset, and doesn't support the very unknown ASMedia ASM1061 chipset. Or as they're on-board ports, no problem at all definitely?
PS: I'm open to any plan, any other mother boards with at least 8 ports, please feel free to recommend. Several Z68 boards have 8-10 onboard ports but the price is 150% as asrock a75 extreme6.

May 27, 2015  Both the ASM1061 and Marvell 9215 cards add their own verbose boot before the OS loads. The ASM1061 adds an average of 12 seconds to the boot time. Tclvfse 8.5.13 for mac. The Marvell 9215 adds an average of 5 seconds to the boot time. The Marvell 88SE9215 worked out for me. No drivers needed on either OS.