Brew Install Chromedriver For Mac

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We'll need to install a couple things: Selenium, which allows you to control browsers from Python; ChromeDriver, which allows software to control Chrome (like. Installation process will begin now and once the Homebrew installation is completed It will show success message on mac terminal. Now execute following brew command to install JMeter. Brew install jmeter or brew install jmeter -with-plugins. A success message will be shown on mac terminal when the installation is completed.

Hey just figured out if you install chromedriver with 'brew install chromedriver' brew uses the wrong one, the 32bit version! (

using ptc2 with that version just gives you a lot of errors like
Attempting to create user neverGonnaGiveYouUp. Opening browser.. Traceback (most recent call last): File '/usr/local/bin/ptc2', line 9, in <module> load_entry_point('PTCAccount22.0.1', 'console_scripts', 'ptc2')() File '/Users/david/github/PokemonGo/AccountCreation/PTCAccount2/ptcaccount2/', line 43, in entry account_info = ptcaccount2.random_account(args.username, args.password, File '/Users/david/github/PokemonGo/AccountCreation/PTCAccount2/ptcaccount2/', line 162, in random_account account_created = create_account(try_username, password, try_email) File '/Users/david/github/PokemonGo/AccountCreation/PTCAccount2/ptcaccount2/', line 73, in create_account driver = webdriver.Chrome()

So to get this to work for OSX users you have to install the 64bit version of chromedriver:

Ftp client download for mac. To update the brew formula, use this:
brew edit chromedriverSimple cutting software x for mac.

And then change the line url from to

Install chromedriver mac

and sh256 goes like that:
sha256 '47a8caec6ce251f2dbaa9005e4dc783cb1fa6c09ecd76afafa41eab540a32e86'

now brew uninstall chromedriver (if you have installed the 32bit one)
and brew install chromedriver

now it should work! at least it does for me (OSX 10.10.5).

@Kitryn btw - thanks for the code!

  • Fixed New Session is not spec compliant
  • Fixed ChromeDriver shouldn't launch Chrome if Chrome and ChromeDriver versions are incompatible
  • Fixed Find Element command returns wrong error code when an invalid locator is used
  • Fixed Some ChromeDriver status codes are wrong
  • Fixed Compile error in JS inside of WebViewImpl::DispatchTouchEventsForMouseEvents
  • Fixed Window size commands should handle user prompts
  • Fixed ChromeDriver doesn't start Chrome correctly with Chrome option 'user-data-dir='
  • Fixed Status command is not spec compliant
  • Fixed Add support for strictFileInteractability