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Oct 15, 2017  I have fond memories of using Quicken. As crazy as this may sound, Quicken showed me just how powerful computers could be. I was no longer just playing games.

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Quicken is an excellent product for tracking your personal finances. Since it has so many features, there are four different versions tailored to fit your unique needs.

We’ve created the following comparison table to help you determine which one is ideal for you. The table includes a comparison of all the main features so you know exactly which version to get. We’ve also included the current prices at several online merchants who sell Quicken, making it easy to see where to get the best price.

Read more about Quicken’s new membership subscription plan and pricing changes for 2019.

Before you buy Quicken, we recommend trying Personal Capital. It is a completely free alternative to Quicken.
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Which Quicken Do I Need?

Take a look at this table below to find out which version of Quicken is best for you.


The current best deals on Quicken 2019 are shown in the table below.

We highly recommend Quicken Premier or above as the best value. It comes with Quicken Bill Pay (normally $119/year) that will make paying all your bills quick, easy, and automatic. Pay any business or individual in the U.S. This feature alone is worth the price of Quicken Premier.

New: Expand the chart to see more detailed features by clicking each category.

Most PopularBest Value
Windows or MacWindows or MacWindows or MacWindows only

(14 months)

(14 months)

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(14 months)

(14 months)$34.99
(12 months)
(12 months)
(12 months)
(12 months)
(Expand All)
NEWAccess your Quicken data over the Web from any computer
NEWYour data stays synced between desktop, mobile, and web
NEW500+ improvements, fixes, and new features requested by customers like you!
NEWLink over 11,000+ online billers for automatic bill tracking and reminders
NEWLink over 11,000+ online billers for automatic bill tracking and reminders
NEWDownload PDFs of Bills
NEW5GB free secure online backup with Dropbox
NEWCustom reports and direct export to Excel
NEWYear-round feature updates without the yearly upgrade hassle
NEWMove and archive investment transactions
NEWBetter portfolio analysis with buy and hold comparison
NEWFree Quicken Bill Pay
NEWPriority customer support access
NEWCustom invoices with custom logo and colors
NEWEmail invoice, rent payment reminders, and receipts from within Quicken
NEWAdd Paypal payment links to invoices
NEWSave rental and business documents directly in Quicken
Simplify and Organize Your Money
See Bank and Credit Card Accounts in one place
Download transactions from your bank
Create a budget and track your spending
Track income and spending in one place
Create a custom debt reduction plan
Automatically categorize expenses
NEWSupport for 11,000+ billers with bill reminders and tracking
NEWPDF downloads of bills and improved bill center dashboard
Syncs with mobile app to manage your money anywhere (Android and iPhone)
Track Savings & Investments
Create Savings Goals
Free credit score, credit report summary, and credit monitoring
Track loan, investment, and retirement accounts
Track investments with mobile app
NEWMove and archive investment transactions
Manage Investments & Plan for Taxes
Portfolio X-Ray scans investments to identify strengths & weaknesses
Track investment return and cost basis
Track deductions and create tax reports (Schedule A,B,D)
Compare portfolio performance against the market indexes
NEWBetter portfolio analysis with buy and hold comparisons
Premium Membership Features
NEWFree Quicken Bill Pay
NEWPriority customer support
Track market value of your home
Business Management
Track both personal and business expenses
Show business profit & loss
Create Schedule C for tax time
Create polished invoices and estimates
Keep track of customers
Track business mileage
Small business handbook
NEWCreate custom invoice with your logo and colors
NEWEmail invoices from within Quicken
NEWAdd payment links (Paypal) and review links (Yelp) to invoices
NEWOrganize and save business documents in Quicken
Manage Rental Properties
Organize rental property information, security deposits, leases, and other documents in one place
Track income and expenses by property
Create Schedule E for tax time
Maximize tax deductions on rental property expenses
Easily see which rents have been paid and which are due
NEWEmail rent reminders and receipts from within Quicken
Import data from previous versions of Quicken or Microsoft Money1
Covered by Data Access Guarantee2

1Quicken 2019 for Windows imports data from Quicken for Windows 2010 or newer, Microsoft Money 2008 and 2009 (for Deluxe and higher). Quicken 2019 for Mac imports data from Quicken for Windows 2010 or newer, Quicken for Mac 2015 or newer, Quicken for Mac 2007, Quicken Essentials for Mac, and Banktivity.

2The Quicken Data Access Guarantee means that whether you renew your subscription or not, you’ll always have full access to and ownership of your data. You can view, edit, export, and manually enter transactions and accounts, even after your subscription ends. The Data Access Guarantee applies to Deluxe and higher versions of Quicken; the Starter version will become read-only.

What’s New for 2019:

This year’s release is the fastest and most robust Quicken ever!

Now includes the #1 most request feature: Access your data on the Web!

This feature has been a long time coming and it’s finally here! Along with the traditional desktop software you’re used to, you can now access many of the most important features of Quicken from any computer using the Web:

  • View account balances & transactions
  • Check budgets and spending by category
  • Watch your investment performance
  • Search past expenses
  • Accounts now sync across desktop, mobile, and web

New features include:

  • Over 500 improvements and fixes requested by customers like you!
  • Manage your money anywhere with Quicken on the Web
  • Investment register and portfolio views up to 3 times faster!
  • Automatic bill tracking with 11,000+ billers supported
  • More custom report layout options and export to Excel
  • 5GB free secure online backup with Dropbox
  • Move and archive investments (Deluxe and up)
  • Better investment performance analysis (Premier and up)
  • Free Quicken Bill Pay included with Premier and up
  • New custom invoices with your logo, color, payment links to Paypal and web links to Yelp (Home & Business only)
  • Email rent reminders, receipts, and business invoices directly from Quicken (Home & Business only)

In addition to the above, Mac versions also have:

  • Three versions for Mac: Starter, Deluxe, and Premier
  • Customizable investment portfolio views (Deluxe and up)
  • Investment tracking by lot (Deluxe and up)
  • Loan analysis with variable payment scenarios (Deluxe and up)

Important Notes About Quicken 2019 Membership Subscription:

Beginning with last year’s release, Quicken has changed the pricing structure from an annual upgrade to a membership subscription with 12 and 24 month terms available. This new pricing model gives you the same great Quicken product you’re used to, but now you get additional perks as well, including:

  • Continuous upgrades – Never get stuck on an outdated version of Quicken again
  • The latest features and improvements as soon as they’re released
  • Free phone support

Go here to learn more about Quicken’s new membership subscription pricing.

This 2019 version also includes unlimited phone support to help you with getting started, answering your questions, and helping with any aspect of using Quicken.

All versions of Quicken 2019 (Deluxe and up) now include free credit monitoring alerts and your personal credit score to protect you against identity theft and give you a current picture of your overall financial situation.

The bill tracking feature allows you to link your bills online with the biller and Quicken will automatically track the due date and amount due so you never miss a bill again.

Mobile device syncing allows you to view account balances, track purchases, upload receipts, and track investments from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Quicken comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Quicken Starter 2019

Choose Quicken 2019 Starter Edition if:

  • You want to see bank and credit card accounts all in one place
  • You want Quicken to sync with your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or Android)
  • You want to see what you spend your money on and set up a budget
  • You don’t need to track investment accounts
  • You don’t need to import data from earlier versions of Quicken

Quicken Deluxe 2019

(This is the most popular edition)

Choose Quicken 2019 Deluxe if:

  • You also want to track loans, a mortgage, and make a plan to reduce your debt
  • You want to see the performance of investment and retirement accounts
  • You want to create savings goals for a house, college, or big purchases
  • You need to import data from an earlier version of Quicken

Quicken Premier 2019

Choose Quicken 2019 Premier if:

  • You want to manage your investments
  • You want to compare investment returns against market averages
  • You want to view your real-time portfolio value with continuously updated quotes
  • You want to use the new Portfolio X-Ray tool to scan holdings to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • You want help making tax time easier by keeping track of deductions and creating specialized tax reports such as a Schedule D

Quicken Home, Business, & Rental Property 2019

Choose Quicken 2019 Home, Business, & Rental Property if:

  • You need to keep track of both personal and business expenses
  • You own or manage rental properties
  • You want to see profit and loss reports
  • You want to create a Schedule C or E report for tax time
  • You want help identifying tax-deductible business expenses and/or rental property expenses
  • You want to make high-quality invoices and estimates, including custom invoices with your logo, colors, and links to Yelp reviews and Paypal
  • You want to track expenses and income by rental property
  • You want to see which rents have been paid and which are overdue
  • You want to keep rental documents in one place, including lease terms, rental rates, and security deposits

No Special Offer Code or Coupon Needed To Get The Best Price

You don’t need a special offer code or a coupon to get a discount on Quicken 2019. We work hard to find you the best prices available and show them right here. You can always save 25-50% off the regular price, then download Quicken right away.

Quicken is the best budgeting software and the #1 best selling financial software for home and personal use.

Alternatives to Quicken

Quicken gets more expensive every year. In fact, the price is nearly doubled from last year! If you’re ready to try an alternative, I recommend these two programs. The first is completely free and the other has a free 30-day trial.

1. Personal Capital

My first recommendation is Personal Capital. This financial management software is completely free, no strings attached.Rosetta stone spanish for mac torrent. It is an outstanding product. Personal Capital is easy to set up, easy to use, and keeps track of all your accounts in one place. It has especially good investment tools that are better than those that come with Quicken. Go here to try Personal Capital.

2. Moneyspire

My second recommendation is Moneyspire. This program is very similar to Quicken, it supports both Windows and Mac, and comes with a free 30-day trial. You can even import your Quicken data into Moneyspire so you don’t lose any history. Moneyspire is the best desktop personal financial management program next to Quicken and a great alternative if you are looking for a change. Go here to try Moneyspire.