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Plugins for Final Cut Pro X. 1000's of effects, transitions, themes and text presets for Final Cut Pro X. Design video graphics for Final Cut using Pixel Film Studios.


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Final Cut Pro X is a powerful and versatile program. But what really gives it wings are the hundreds and hundreds of 3rd-party plug-ins you can quickly add to the program. With plugins, film lovers or creative masters can produce many astonishing video effects. Nowadays, many people prefer FCPX, so the demand for FCPX plugins are increasing quickly. For more choices, we have rounded up 10 cool Final Cut Pro plugins that can make your videos breathtaking. Here is the list. Check it out!

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Top 10 Plugins for Final Cut Pro X

Listing all of the effects options would take forever; just do a Google search for 'FCP X Plugins' and you'll see what I mean. However, here are ten companies who make really nice effects, tools, transitions and general visual weirdness you should consider adding to your own Final Cut system. They range in Price, but each creates effects you just can't get any other way.

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1Alex 4D

Price: Free

A series of free plug-ins that create effects, general weirdness or solve problems. Alex Golner has been developing plugins for Final Cut since about version 1.0. You can use it to make animaiton transition. The steps are easy to add it to Final Cut Pro. It is one of the best final cut pro plugins.

2Arctic Whiteness

Price: €9.95

This is the definitive tools for managing libraries, media, and render files in Final Cut Pro X. See what media is stored where and quickly delete files you no longer need. This is about as indispensable utility as you will find for Final Cut. The final cut manager even can improve your library to make great effects. You can check the video above to see what the final cut pro plugins can do.

3Rampant Design Tools

Price: $59 - $349, depending upon the package

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A library of visual effects elements that you drag-and-drop directly onto your FCP X Timeline to create a range of effects. These include: fire, smoke, dust, snow, mattes, transitions and dozens more at resolutions up to 4K. You can start creating your video to next level with this final cut pro plugins. Those plugins are made by artists with more than 20 experience. You can directly the plug in to timeline.

4Motion VFX

Price: $39 - $349, depending upon the package

A vast array of Motion and Final Cut Pro X templates, visual effects, titles and logos. Huge variety, stunning design, lots and lots of choices. We must say though the amount is not huge compared with other websites, you still can find the cool final cut pro plugins to use directly. The transition Final Cut Pro X plug in is the best you can consider, which will make your video better and engaging.


Price: Free starter kit, plugins range from free to several hundred dollars

FxFactory provides an effects engine which other companies use to create special effects ranging from simple titles and transitions to visual treats that are impossible to describe in words. Once you have FX Factory installed, you can choose from hundreds of plugins that run on it. Plus, it provides an interface that makes managing lots of plug-ins easy. The price is various that you always can find the best one you like.


Price: $129.95 for effects bundles, $299 for Titler Pro 3

NewBlueFX started on Windows, and about two years ago, migrated to the Mac in supporting both Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro. They sell transition and effects bundles which repair footage, as well as add titles, transitions and visual effects. But the REAL star of their show is an amazing titling package called Titler Pro 3. The on-air graphic is a great resource to use as final cut pro plugins.


Price: $39 - $99, depending upon the package

The day Final Cut Pro X was first released, Crumplepop bet the ranch and start developing effects exclusively for Final Cut. That dedication has paid off with a rich variety of color tools, GoPro Fisheye Fixers, split screen and other effects. There are lots and lots of goodies to choose from. You can use the plug in bothe on Final Cut and Premiere though the price is little bit higher. However, you are not sensitive to price, these plug-ins are the best to use.

8Red Giant Software

Price: Prices range from free to several hundred dollars, depending upon package

Red Giant Software is another venerable institution in the effects industry. Their industry-leading Trapcode, Colorista, and Primatte keyers set the standard in the industry. Recently, they created 'Universe', which allows you to access to a wealth of effects, for very reasonable fee each month. Price: Prices range from free to several hundred dollars, depending upon package.

9Intelligent Assistance

Price: Starting at $9.99, depending upon package

Any conversation about plugins for Final Cut includes the team at Intelligent Assistance. They provide tools that help with logging footage, generating production reports, and converting projects between versions. Not everyone needs these tools, but when you do, there's nothing better. There are many styles you can choose from the cool final cut pro plugins. If you want to make your titles powerful, this one the best place to go.

10Boris FX

Price: $695 with free trial

BorisFX is the Swiss-Army-Knife of visual effects. Hundreds of effects, tools, transitions, titles all in one package: Boris Continuum Complete v9. The effects in this package need to be seen to be believed. Stunning effects, tools that make unwanted elements in the frame disappear, keyers, masks, and more eye-candy than a carnival.


There are so many other firms that could be mentioned. It almost seems a shame to stop at ten. But all of these companies make excellent products that can give your projects a unique look. Also, most of them provide free trials, so you can experiment with them on your own and see which ones you can't live without.

If you want to know how to make your video powerful without using plug-ins, FilmoraPro is the one you should use on Mac. You can use it to make effects by over 50 settings. If titles are important to you, FilmoraPro - Filmora's video editor for pro also has various title templates free to use. Also you can customize titles. Besides, audio is the best part you should try when editing. After trying, you will no longer need Final Cut Pro X. Now, download it to have a try (FREE).

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