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Cool Collections of Funny Wallpapers For Laptop For Desktop, Laptop and Mobiles. 3D Funny Wallpapers 2011 for Your Desktop PC Mac or Mobile Cool Funny 1024x768. Funny wallpapers funny pc wallpapers laptop wallpapers smartphone 1600x1200. Funny Mac Background For Stupid People 1280x960.

  • Toasticide
  • Toothbrush blues
  • Happy Meal 2
  • Eye phone
  • confuses people
  • That's Entertain mint
  • You know what it's like
  • The vampire strikes back
  • bounty hunter
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funny wallpapers

Funny images are very popular nowadays and people love to download and install them on their desktops and share them with their friends. They could be a great source of laughter and conversation in your office or your home. But it’s not easy to find or create nice funny wallpapers, mainly because different people have different sense of humor and things that are funny to someone may not necessary be funny to someone else. We have decided to include category of funny pictures on our website anyway and are looking to get you some nice, clever images of humorous and amusing character. We hope that some of them can make you laugh and improve your mood, and will find their way to your desktop.

Random Images:

  • Neon Light
  • Bee's Lunch
  • Lantana
  • Wild Onion
  • Sunset Beam
  • Typhoon Passed Away

Funny background screens for your computer can be just the thing to jazz up your work or home computer. It can also be pretty entertaining for your friends and colleagues. Fortunately these days most offices allow employees to customize their computer settings. So, if you like, you can also customize your system with a few funny screensavers or backgrounds that will give you a reason to smile every time you see it.

It’s quite easy to upload a funny picture and save it as your computer background. All you need to do is find an image you like a lot, save it and then right click on it. The option to set it as a wallpaper or screensaver will come. So go on and make your computer come alive with some lively and jazzy images!

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Alcohol you Later

Will “I call you later” or Alcohol you later? This background is perfect for young, fun loving people.

To do List

We all make “To do lists” but how often do we finish everything on them? This funny background is an ideal spoof on that.


When we are at work, we think of sleep. It’s the same everywhere. And who can resist the sweet face of the cutest cartoon cat – Garfield?

Sea stars

Can you see stars? Or Sea Stars?

A Seriously Armed Chick Wallpaper

Touch chicks are always cute. Especially this little thing.

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I Like You

Facebook is everyone’s favorite pastime and there is one more way to show your support for the world’s favorite networking site.

Funny Cats Wallpaper

Everyone loves those little balls of fur…and when they sleep in those funny positions, its all the more fun to look at!

Funny Hamster

Hamsters are cute…but when they start doing circus acts its worth remembering and keeping in front of you all day!

Funny Shoe

You can’t live without shoes. But, what if your shoe doesn’t think it’s a shoe?

Funny Penguin

It’s black and white and doesn’t like it when you look like it!

Chiquita With Frog Funny

A frog that’s just lazing on my banana hammock.

Funny Flies

We like to believe that they are monsters…because they are so hard to catch. And here, they look exactly like monsters.

Funny Sheeps

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if sheep laughed? Well, here’s a shot for you.

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Desktop not Found

Aren’t we all terrified of the 404 error message? And what if someday it can’t find our desktop?

Absolute Health Wallpaper

I’m dog. And I’m in the pink of health. You can see right through me!

Angry Hand

No one packs a punch like this hand.

Angry Squirrel

If you always thought that squirrel were cute. Think again.

Back Away Wallpaper

No please, don’t hit me. I just want my nuts.


Aaa…fresh flowers. Nothing like fresh flowers

5 a Day Wallpaper

Whoever said an apple a day keeps the doctor away never heard of grapes.

Keep Smiling

Keep smiling. The best way to motivate you when you are down and out.

You’ve got Mail

You’ve got mail and I will bring it you, Yes Sir.


I have a tongue. See.

Heroes Retirement

They were always around when we grew up…so at some point they will retire…won’t they?

Hang On~Crazy Driver

Tell the cab driver to stop! Says this little terrified doggy.

Fruity Flasher

A funny image of naughty fruits, perfect for a good laugh.

Who The Hell Are You

Is there a lack of privacy at work? Warn peeping tom’s away with this cute warning.

Domo Kun wallpaper

Ooh…I’m scared says the little lizard.

Mission Accomplished

From Mission Impossible to Mission Accomplished…this is the ideal subtle message at the work place.

Imperial Stormtrooper

Storm trooper. Fixing keyboard problems.