Jetico Mac Torrent

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Superfast in 64-bit.

Xtorrent 2 locates and downloads search results substantially faster than before, and it's even been redesigned as a 64-bit app for even greater speed on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion.

Search suggestions, as you type.

Just like Safari 4, Xtorrent provides you with suggested keywords and phrase completions when you're searching, saving you from unnecessary typing. Is it reading your mind?

Bandwidth controls.

As always, you can set limits on bandwidth usage, either globally or per-download. Xtorrent can release limits at certain times of the day or when the network connection is likely to be unused.

iTunes integration.

Xtorrent 2 works great with iTunes, automatically exporting audio and video files, so they can be synced with your iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV.


Similar to podcasts and RSS feeds, many sites publish content as a stream of torrents (a torrentcast) that is continuously updated. Xtorrent lets you subscribe to these feeds and download any interesting content with one click.

Automatic port configuration.

Xtorrent 2 automates the hassle of configuring ports on routers. It talks to your router via UPNP or NAT-PMP (for Apple Airport wifi devices) to properly configure the required ports.

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