Kernel Outlook Pst Viewer For Mac

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Kernel Outlook PST Viewer is designed to quickly read the contents of a PST file without Outlook.

Ever found yourself with an Outlook PST file you need to access away from your computer? Maybe you’ve switched email programs, dutifully backed up your old Outlook emails to disc and then removed Outlook from your PC. One of the drawbacks of PST files is that they can traditionally only be accessed on a computer with Outlook already installed, even if you’re using a third-party tool to view them.

1 What is Kernel Outlook PST Viewer? Kernel Outlook PST Viewer tool is designed to open PST files without the Outlook app. Also, it permits its users to access emails, contacts, calendar, deleted data or any other type of data related to the PST mailbox. Simply put, with the Kernel Outlook PST Viewer tool you can view any data related to your Outlook app. Microsoft Office Outlook Personal Folders PST file size supported by computers having Outlook 2003 and 2007 installed can be up to 20 GB in file size. Now, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2016 increases this PST file size limit to 50 GB. Users can further increase this file size limit by making changes in registry.

Thankfully, Kernel Outlook PST Viewer can give you access to the contents of a PST file even if the computer you’re working on has no copy of Outlook already installed on it. It works with PST files created in Outlook 97 or later, and allows you to browse the contents of the file’s inboxes to locate the information – including email, calendar, task list and contacts – you’re after.

Sadly, the program is hobbled in that while you can view the contents of the PST file from within the program, you’re not able to select or extract any elements from it, such as selected text or file attachments. One thing you can do, however, is generate a HTML list of any selected folder by clicking the IE icon. This provides you with a printable list of the contents of that folder with useful information like subject line, date time and who it’s from.

The program is designed as a feed-in for Kernel’s paid-for recovery products, but if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to examine the contents of a PST file – even one that may be corrupt – then this tool will do everything you need short of extracting that content.

A capable tool for quickly accessing the content of PST files for viewing purposes only.

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There are various types of PST viewers which are available in the market. A PST viewer review was conducted and the best of these software were evaluated on various parameters. Some were PST viewer portable versions, some were PST viewer online versions and there are also the Microsoft PST viewer. These software were judged on the preloaded functions, the ease of use, the interface, the simplicity and more. It was checked on the opening of emails as well as attachments, HEX analysis, exporting of messages and advanced searches.



Voice to Text Converter enables quick conversion of speech to text and they perform the job with high accuracy. PST viewer review was done on different PST viewer software and it was found that this software is one of the best when it comes to repairing damaged Outlook PST or data files, repairing of large sized PST files as well as in recovering messages or attachments that have been deleted and so much more.

Stellar PST Viewer

This software will scan the PST files that are corrupted and allows the user to view the mails. It also has options which allow for searching and selecting of PST files on the PC. This software even allows you to save individual emails as PDF, HTML, RTF, MSG or EML files.

PST Walker

This PST viewer portable software helps not only to view files but assists in data recovery as well. Using this searching, viewing, as well as printing of email messages, are possible even without Outlook. On the target computer, Outlook, and even MAPI need not be installed.

ViewIT – Outlook PST Reader for Android

This software helps in viewing as well as searching for PST as well as OST files which are archived and to select PST as well as OST files which can be found on SD cards or other devices. The email attachments too can be saved and forwarded using different email clients.

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PST Bridge for Mac


This software is used to convert file format which Mac OS understands. It works with all the versions of PST files and does not have any limit to file size. It also simultaneously opens multiple PST files. It helps with integration of address books, reply all, reply or even forwarding of messages, complex searches and more.

Microsoft Outlook PST File Viewer for Windows

This Microsoft PST viewer is free and it does not have any file size limitation. It is able to open as well as to read PST which exceeds 2GB file sizes. One can use it to view attachments and not only emails. It supports multiple PST files being opened and it supports all versions of outlook.

Most Popular – PST File Viewer 2.0

This software helps in viewing emails as well as the attachments in the preview pane. Using it Hex as well as PST forensic Analysis can be performed on the file. It is independent of Outlook Email Client and is a stand-alone program. It has several preloaded features.

What is PST Viewer?

There are different kinds of PST files seen. They help in the forensic analysis of the PST files, they assist in extensive searches being conducted, opening of data files that have been corrupted and those that do not even require a Microsoft outlook environment. Some of these PST viewers online as well as downloadable versions allow for opening multiple PST files simultaneously and there are those Microsoft PST viewers which are compatible with all MS Outlook versions. You can also see Email Encryption Software

These software solve the problems which are faced by Outlook users especially if their PST files are large. They search for items, allow them to be previewed and then exported to other programs. It even helps with filtering as per folders or for complex searches to be conducted. These software are a boon for integration of address books and for printing of messages, contacts, journals, appointments and more.

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