Mach3 Serial Port Plugin Download

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.IMPORTANT. Once you have Mach3 running the way you want it to, make a copy (or many copies) of your whole 'C: Mach3' folder and store it somewhere safe.If I ever need to restore or replace my computer, I can just install Mach3, and then use my copy of the 'Mach3' folder to replace the one on the PC and I am all set to run.

The Slic3r project has been under active and massive development. Make sure you get 1.3.0 now or try the development builds!

Free. For macOS, Windows and Linux.
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What is Slic3r?

Compatible with your printer too. RepRap (Prusa Mendel, MendelMax, Huxley, Tantillus..), Ultimaker, Makerbot, Lulzbot AO-100, TAZ, MakerGear M2, Rostock, Mach3, Bukobot and lots more. And even DLP printers.

Fast G-code generation is fast. Don't wait hours for slicing that detailed model. Slic3r is about 100x faster than Skeinforge. It also uses multithreading for parallel computation.

Lots of input/output formats. Slic3r reads STL, AMF and OBJ files while it can output G-code and SVG files.

Do you like the graphical interface or command line? All the features of the user-friendly interface are also available from command line. This allows to integrate Slic3r in your custom toolchain and batch operations as you like.

Open source, open development. Slic3r is open source software, licenced under the AGPLv3 license. The development is centered on GitHub and the #slic3r IRC channel on FreeNode, where the community is highly involved in testing and providing ideas and feedback.

Dependencies? Nah. Slic3r is super-easy to run: download, double click and enjoy. No dependencies needed. Hassle-free. For MacOS X, Windows, Linux.

Print with dual multiple extruders. Print beautiful colored objects, or use your secondary extruder to build support material. Or put a larger nozzle on it and print a faster infill.

Use brim for the best adhesion. This unique feature improves built plate adhesion by generating a base flange around your objects that you can easily remove after printing.

Microlayering: save time, increase accuracy. You can choose to print a thicker infill to benefit from low layer heights on perimeters and still keep your print time within a reasonable amount.

Compose a plate but print one object at time. Use the built-in plating interface that allows to place objects with drag-and-drop, rotate and scale them, arrange everything as you like. The sequential printing feature allows to print one complete object at time in a single print job.

Cool cooling strategies. A very smart cooling logic will regulate your fan speed and print speed to ensure each layer has enough time to cool down before next one is laid on it.

Manage multiple printers, filaments and build styles. The configuration handling system was designed for people working with multiple machines and filaments: you can save configurations as presets for each category avoiding to multiply your saved configurations.

Enjoy support material. Automatic generation of support material for overhangs.

  • Distinct print settings can be set for individual parts
  • by blddk (Slic3r 0.9.8)
  • Wood + ABS: dual material print by jebba (LulzBot)
  • Printed with 0.9.8 by starno (model by Yvo Waldmeier, CC-NC-SA)
  • Dual-color print

Pluginmach3usb.dll for Mach3 (Ethernet and USB)

Copy Mach3usb.dll infolder C:mach3plugins (Or the correponding directory on your machine).

Then start Mach3 .They is a new dialog box 'Motion plugin detected'.

Start Mach3

Activate some axis

Indicate for eachaxis port and pin number and also polarity of signals DIR and STEP.

Stepper motor driverusually require positive pulse.

dir polarty change direction of rotation

Activate some outputs

Mach3 can control theSpindle from GCode with M3/M4/M5.

Indicate what pincontrol the spindle relay if available. Output #1 is normally used.

Others outputs can bedefined and configured (HiStep has 12 outputs)

Enable are signalswhich are always activated by Mach3 when not in EStop mode.

Associate Output#1with the spindle command

Standard signals(Spindle , Flood, Mist) can be configured to control the outputs#N

Configure some inputs

Standard functions ofMach3 (Limits ,Home ) can be associated to input pins of HiStep.

Enter port 1 and pin(10-13 , 15).

Configure speed andacceleration

Select units in 'Config/Select native units'

Press 'Save axissetting' for every axis

Then OK

Slave Axis

Slave axis are handled also by the plugin

Send the wholeconfiguration to card

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Press'Reset ' in Mach3 to enter or leave EStop mode and also to upload any required configuration to the card ( ie pins , speed and al other)

Activate keyboard jogin Mach3

Activate motor movement with keyboard jog

Enter MDI commandsand run GCode directly

Type 'G0X10' in MDI tab.

Type M3/M5 to controlspindle output

Look current steppercoordinates

Stepper motorcoordinates are maintained by the CNC card . They are displayed in Mach3 mainwindow.

Huawei e3372 4g dongle.

Check io status inDiagnostic tab

Configure limitswitch and home

Limit switch blockany movement when activated

Use Home command

RefAllHome'command the specified action :

-Jog to the homeswitch until activated

-return in theopposite directiion until desactivated

Important parameter are homingspeed (fast or slow ) and homing direction

Use PWM output

The 32 bit and later adapter support PWM output (for spindle speed)

Go in config/pulley ratio to set maximum speed of spindle. (the PWM output will be 100% duty cycle at maximum speed)

Go in config/port and pins/motor pins to select PWM pin (Spindle pin)

Set spindle pin number and optionally 'Active Low' to revert signal.

Test spindle :

In MDI G-code , type M3 S300 (speed 300RPM

Or use interface to set spindle speed and on/off state .

Configure plugin

Software interpolation (32 bit adapter only) :

Software microstep produce more precise time control, specially at low speed . Enter N>1 as software microstep and multiply by N your Mach3 StepPer setting All movement will be lot more smooth (and low noise) .

When using software microstep multiplicator, Mach3 motion planner will work exacly as if the StepPer parameter was much higher than the physical one, without reducing maximum speed and frequency!

Press EStop from inactive to active (or twice if already active) before tuning motors.

Plugin type and port number :

full motion plugin(Mach3 use the plugin for all motor movement)

IO Extender (Mach3still use parallel port for motion but use the plugin for some of it'sinput/output. Must select a available parallel port number.

A second port number (default 2) may be entered for dual port USB card.

Restart Mach3 if anychange.

Auto-off on enable signals:

The adapter can automatically cut enable signals when no move after 0.5 second (approx. default), this is very convenient and should be checked.

for 32bit card : auto-off duration can be set

If set to 0, the adapter does not change default value.
Home back-off:
Distance to move back after release switch when homing (to avoid false triggering if other axis use same signal)

USB and Ethernet :

USB : Allow USB connection
Ethernet : Allow Ethernet connection
IP address : adapter IP address
Auto IP : Allow auto detect network adapter

Press EStop to disconnect/reconnect for any change USB/Ethernet or IP address.

Ethernet IP update and detection

From plugin configuration dialog box press 'Ethernet' button

This open the network card update tool

Select a card from the list (not required if only 1 card , first entry is taken )

Fill in the modified parameter and press 'Update' button.

The card then reboot automatically with new settings .

Note: If the IP address is incorrect , the update tool will still work because it does not use the IP address to talk to the card.


Cycle Start : Start a GCode program

Feed Hold : Pause GCode program

Stop : Stop GCode program

With the plugin , Stop is immediate effect with flushing data buffer , Hold (or pause) take a few second because movement continue until the data buffer come empty .

When using 'Feed Hold' , press 'Regen toolpath' before 'Run'. This will ensure a correct continuation of GCode program.

Index input
32 bit cards support index input for RPM measurement and display in Mach3 , GCode pause / start on index pulse , and speed sync with measured rpm.
All this functionality supported in hardware and enabled in plugin config (new version)

true feed = normal feed * measured_rpm/RPM
RPM is the rpm at normal feed , +% is the maximum rpm that could be tracked. If 0, the adapter will only track rpm lower than RPM.
For sync pause/start on pulse:
every timer the adapter is paused until internal buffer is empty (Mach3 macro function ISMOVING() return false) , then next move will start on index pulse.
Note also that measured RPM display in mach3 screen set.

Adapter Index input pin
Combi MZ USB+Ethernet pin 12
USB V2 pin 13

Timers (New)
Activity : time of pre-buffering when start
Inactivity : time to detect stop/pause and re-sync with index pulse
Response : time from command sent to status received. Used to correctly implement Still/Moving/Sync detect
Keep default: value entered are not used , instead adapter and plugin use hard-coded default value (100/300/300ms)
Note : Example , after sending a movement, Mach3 function IsMoving() returns true during t=Response, then while status indicate move . Also , adapter resync to index pulse after t=Inactivity when not receiving trajectory movement.
Note : timers does not apply to jog commands . Jog commands always start immediately

Firmware update (32 bit card only)

Enable alternate firmware : if an alternate firmware has been loaded , enable the card to use it (instead of the default factory ) .

Firmware tool : allow to change the alternate firmware

Note : the card always keep protected the initial firmware, and boot on the initial firmware when restarted ! Then switch to alternate firmware only on request of Mach3.


Sometime , they maybe a time delay between the current GCode line displayed by Mach3 and the one executed on the card. They maybe also a delay of PROGRAM STOP / PROGRAM PAUSE. This is due to internal command buffer of the USB or Ethernet card. You can reduce the buffer size in plugin configuration , by entering a value <> 0 in BufferSize (KB) setting . 8KB is a reasonable value.