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Learn how to install a Nintendo 64 (N64) Emulator onto your macOS or Mac OS X computer. Play classic N64 games like Mario 64, Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and more on your Mac (Macbook, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Hackintosh, etc.).

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The N64 emulator supports game controllers so you can connect your USB or Bluetooth controller (PS3/PS4, Xbox 360, SteelSeries, etc.) to your Apple computer.

Download N64 Emulator for Mac

OpenEmu is an all in one emulator for the Mac and can many run game consoles including NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Sega Genesis, and many more!

Nintendo has piqued nostalgia with its mightily successful NES Classic and SNES Classic consoles, but an N64 Classic isn't on the way. Sixtyforce is an emulator that runs Nintendo 64 games. It dynamically (in real-time!) translates Nintendo 64 game code to run on your Mac. Nearly every part of a Nintendo 64 has been reverse engineered and painstakingly recreated in software to give you the best possible experience.

How-to Install N64 Emulator to Mac

1. Download and unzip OpenEmu

2. Right-click OpenEmu and click Open

Otherwise you will get “OpenEmu can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” error when trying to open the file.

3. Hit Open if prompted with an “unidentified developer” popup.

Import ROMs to N64 Emulator for Mac

1. Download ROMs from your favorite site

2. Drag and drop file into OpenEmu

Nintendo 64 or N64 is one of the best ever gaming consoles created by Nintendo, and is perhaps the first game console with 3D rendering & 64-bit architecture. Games like Super Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda : Orcanine still are considered classics. Though, the console is discontinued you can still play N64 games on your Mac device (MacBook Air, Pro, Mac Mini, iMac etc) by using an emulator. So, here are the Best Nintendo 64 N64 emulators for Mac OS X.

Top 3 Free Nintendo N64 Emulators for Mac OS X –

Note – We are writing about the emulators which let you play N64 Games (n64 ROMs) on your Mac OS X. However, these do not come with any ROMs due to copyright issues, hence you will need to download your game roms (n64 roms) from sites like CoolRom, loverom in-order to play them inside the N64 Emulator.

N64 Emulator for Mac # 1 – OpenEmu

Open Emu is perhaps the best Nintendo 64 / N64 emulator for Mac OS X devices, due to some salient features it provides such as –

  • All in One Emulator , Supporting many Retro Gaming consoles such as N64, SNES, GBC, and many more!
  • Gamepad and Joystick Controller Support to play games.
  • Ability to Save game states and load from there.
  • Mupen 64 Core emulation for N64

N64 Emulator for Mac # 2 – SixtyForce

Sixty force is yet another decent Nintendo 64 emulator for Mac OS X. Sixty force supports Nintendo DD (Disk Drive) emulation too but the bad thing about that is it doesn’t support saving game state!. This is absolutely a must incase of game freeze but sadly its not available in the Free version.

However, Sixtyforce supports external gamepad or controllers and the emulation is really fast and good even on Mac OS X Sierra. How to get aimbot on csgo mac.

N64 Emulator for Mac # 3 – wx Mupen 64 Plus

wx Mupen 64 Plus is one of the official Front end for Mupen 64 listen on their site. Though, the Front end works lag-free and other emulator based on Mupen 64 – Open Emu also works fine. we faced some issues with wx Mupen 64 – The Screen was too distorted , plus since the fronted doesn’t support keyboard input for games (We were unable to play N64 games on this emulator with Keyboard, games worked fine with USB Controllers / Joystick)

Incase, if the above two emulators do not work for you, then only you can give a try to wx Mupen 64 Plus

Thus, these are currently the Best 3 Free Nintendo 64 or N64 emulators for Mac OSX which will let you relive the old gaming classics . Incase if you face any difficulties or know of other good alternative feel free to comment!