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OhmForce Ohmicide Pro VST v1.25 x86/v1.30 x64 Incl. Keygen-AiR WiN 26.7 MB

Based on Predatohm design, Ohmicide:Melohman. is organized around up to four frequency bands, each of them coming with their own Noise Gate, Dynamic, Distortion, Feedback Generator and all mixing abilities with just a twist of pre- and post-processing (distort input, high shelf output.). Digitech jamman driver for mac windows 7. The DSP is 100% different from Predatohm. Download OhmForce Ohmicide Pro 1.10 VST torrent or any other torrent from Applications Windows Direct download via magnet link.

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The best distortion plugin on earth! Ohmicide:Melohman takes the concept of multi-band distortion further thanks to a new, more versatile technology as well as a modern interface and live performance-oriented features. But in the end, it's all about sound. From slight dirt to pure carnage, Ohmicide is the best sound killer ever.
Previous AiR release did not include a x64 installer and is an older version (1.23). This release has the x64 installer and the keygen still works fine. It uses the same license for both versions. I tested both installers and plugs and they register and work fine. Nice! Enjoy the 64 Bit!


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Ohm Force - Bundle VSTi, VST х86 х64 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)ќбновлены
OhmForce - OhmBoyz.PRO.VST.v1.52
OhmForce - Ohmicide.PRO.VST.v1.25
OhmForce - QuadFrohmage PRO v1.40
OhmForce - Symptohm Melohman v1.30
√од выпуска: 2007-2018
–азработчик: Ohm Force
‘ормат: VSTi, VST
–азр€дность: 32bit, 64bit (только обновленные)
“аблэтка: Ќе требуетс€
—истемные требовани€: Windows 7 +
OhmForce - Frohmage 1.50
OhmForce - Hematohm PRO.VST.v1.25
OhmForce - Mobilohm.PRO.VST.v1.12
OhmForce - OhmBoyz.PRO.VST.v1.52
OhmForce - Ohmicide.PRO.VST.v1.25
OhmForce - OhMyGod.VST.v1.01
OhmForce - Predatohm PRO v1.35
OhmForce - QuadFrohmage PRO v1.40
OhmForce - Symptohm Melohman v1.30»сточник1.Symptohm:Melohman VSTi v1.20: виртуальный гибридный синтезатор.
Х Two unique sample based SyncGrain synthesis (Polyphonic or mono timbral, depending on preference). Create a morphing oscillator out of any sample, and even use multi samples to create drumkits!
Х Adaptable sub oscillator brightness based on SyncGrain spectral content, a stereo noise generator, a ring modulator per voice. Also features inter-voice ring modulation.
Х Dynamic routing of the signal into the Quad Frohmage filter bank (with loads of filter types, distortion, band delay and everything else you would expect).
Х Extensive modulation options (one LFO + one xADSR per parameter + MIDI) for almost every parameter.
Х Output signal limiter.
Х Approachable, straightforward user interface: large integrated file browser with easy file management facilities, a thousand parameters instantly accessible across just two panels, and the usual Ohm Force selection system, flying faders and velocity simulation on the graphic keyboard.
Х Over 30 Meta Patches included, each of them with its own complex MIDI behaviour, 12 patches to morph with and the designer's comments to help you learn how to use them to their full potential. First major Meta Patches release as a free bonus.
Х Useful presets instant variable transitions where all the parameters switch from the old value to the new one in a ballet you won't forget!
Х MIDI automation with Auto-Bind.
Х Fast configuration (Save MIDI configurations).
Х Tempo synchronization.
Х High quality DSP algorithm.
Х Sampling rate up to 384 kHz.
Х Revolutionary graphic user interface.
Х Move several buttons at once, with group selection and side-click.

2.Frohmage VST v1.50: фильтр-эффект.
Frohmage is a multi-band resonant filter. It can offer some unique sounds, from slow and deep filter sweeps to the most savage tones with high resonance setting and heavy distortion.
Х Highly resonant low-pass filter.
Х Cutoff frequency unit selection : Hz or musical note.
Х Up to 15 additional bands, harmonically distributed.
Х Delay on each band for unique phaser effects.
Х Distortion stage, with two routing schemes.
Х Very fine MIDI control (PRN and NPRN sent or recorded by Frohmage are 14-bit accurate).
Х Low CPU load.

3.Hematohm VST v1.25: частотный преобразователь.
Sometimes, you really need to break the harmonic content of a tune. Better than a ring modulator, Hematohm is a frequency shifter. Behind this easy but gloomy user interface, you'll find a machine that will allow you to triturate the sound more than in your most pervert dreams. This tool of torture is delivered with a vicious envelope follower, a strong LFO, and a delay coming from forgotten depths.
Х High quality Frequency Shifter.
Х LFO with 10 waveforms, including 3 randomised shapes, in order to create an unlimited number of sound modulation patterns.
Х An envelope follower very useful to add some colour to your rhythmic sounds.
Х A Delay containing the main effect inside its loop, which helps to get the sound more and more changed across the repetitions. The effect location can be set in the direct forward path or in the delay feedback path only.
Х MIDI automation for VST, DirectX and WinAmp version (restricted to Expert and Pro Pack licenses only).
Х With MIDI feature, it's also possible to adjust the LFO phase to get accurate tempo synchronization and to obtain very musical and rhythmic effects.
Х Very fine MIDI control. All RPN and NRPN data sent or recorded by Hematohm are 14-bit accurate.
Х Easy MIDI configuration with Auto-Bind feature.
Х Fast configuration : Save MIDI configurations into files and reload them to avoid to repeat the same operations each time you fire the plug-in.
Х Move several buttons in one move, with group selection and side-click.
Х Instant result : with many sequencers (cubase, Orion..), Hematohm adjusts itself to the right tempo and follows any occurring change.
Х Useful presets, loadable on-the-fly, that can be applied instantly or with long or very long transitions where all the parameters switch from the old value to the new one in a ballet you won't forget!

4.Mobilohm VST v1.12: эффект модул€ции (Flanger / Phaser / Chorus / Tremolo).
Mobilohm is a powerful multi-phaser, using 4 oscillators, that sounds unique. This plugin is a must have among your sound sculpting effects. It will really satisfy the hunger of musicians tired of filters, looking for a cool tool to animate their sounds in a new way, from the gentlest caress to full-on swirling waves of sound.
Mobilohm is definitely not just another 'one phaser' effect. Like the OhmBoyz, it comes with a shock of LFOs that extend its capacities far beyond a simple effect. And you'll enjoy the power of preset morphing and ultra-smooth controls.
Mobilohm is available in two forms: The Classic Skin for musicians who enjoy the traditional style of a rack-like plugin (See above), and The Funky Skin which is for those of you whose tastes are a bit more..exotic (See their site).

5.OhmBoyz VST v1.45: эффект задержки (Delay / Echo).
Who are the OhmBoyz? 4 predelays injecting into 2 nicely geared delay lines, two complete resonant filters, distortion and high shelf. Remember, a delay is an echoing device. You really should prepare your sound to travel through space along with the OhmBoyz.
Х This delay does not 'click'.
Х LFOs everywhere.
Х Who wants a resonant filter? high pass, low pass, band notch, wah-wah, adjustable bandwidth and resonance from -24dB to +24dB : enough to deafen to death your most respectable neighbours.
Х Serious distortion! Choose between overdrive and puncher.. or anywhere in between..
Х A high-shelf filter, to shunt the highest sounds, useful after heavy distortion.
Х Move several buttons in one move, with group selection and side-click.
Х Instant result : with many sequencers (cubase, Orion..), OhmBoyZ adjusts itself to the right tempo and follows any occurring change.
Х MIDI Automation.
Х Useful presets, loadable on-the-fly, that can be applied instantly or with long or very long transitions where all the parameters switch from the old value to the new one in a ballet you won't forget.
Х Five effects for the price of one : delays, resonant filter, distortion, high shelf .. Use what you want or need. All those effects, together, provides an unusual result: OhmBoyZ.

6.Ohmicide VST v1.10: эффект искажени€ (Distortion / Overdrive / Amp).
Based on Predatohm's design, Ohmicide:Melohman is organized around up to four frequency bands, each of them coming with their own Noise Gate, Dynamic, Distortion, Feedback Generator and all mixing abilities with just a twist of pre- and post-processing (distort input, high shelf output..).
The DSP is 100% different from Predatohm: the compressor/expander works differently to fit well with both the very sharp Noise Gate and the huge amount of new distortions. Those are at the core of Ohmicide. They're designed to offer pretty much everything you can think of next to a lot of things you can't. Some, like the tasty 'Porridge' distortion sounds deliciously analog, while the 'Fractal' one is harsh and digital as hell. Or you've got the very dense 'Accumulator' that can add low harmonics instead of high.
All of these distortions are mainly new breeds - yet the classics are also covered. They all are declined (?) in three variations: normal, ampsim and odd. The 'Odd' one gives you control over the harmonics frequency and allows for slightly detuned distortion. Last but not least, Ohm Force has added a disto type that was missing from Predatohm.. No distortion. It was an absolute need, considering how many things can be done just by using the multiband dynamics!
Predatohm addicts will be happy to know that not only does Ohmicide:Melohman include a feedback generator on each band, but that it can be spread in stereo.
Already known to Symptohm:Melohman and Minimonsta:Melohman users, Melohman is a set of features dedicated to live action. It allows you to morph between presets or randomize the sound in an intuitive, organic way. Just plug a MIDI keyboard in to your computer and play notes to go from one sound to another at a velocity sensitive speed.
For the first time it is included on an effect. Testing shows good results for anything that involves live mix/remix as well as being efficient in a production situation. Also used in a MIDI pattern logic it's a very powerful tool for loop manglers.
Ohmicide:Melohman launches a brand new design line for Ohm Force products. Only one skin! However they may deliver variations in the future.
Things to know about the interface:
Х Pre-rendered in 3D (sorry, no real fancy hardware to play with. Your fingers would be too big anyway).
Х Improved graphic libraries with motion blur on the knobs. Not an 'in your face' improvement but important for the look'n'feel.
Х Extra legend appears when you select a parameter.
Х All-in-one view (no panels).
Х Real time monitoring of input and output spectrum for accurate reading of 'what the hell is happening?'.
Х Graphical feedback on each band. Spectacular when using Melohman.
Х Pop up scary pictures of Plum Force at launch (Let's hope not!).

7.OhMyGod VST v1.01: фильтр эффект.
OhMyGod is our gift for all the privileged Ohm Force bundles owners! It's a combfilter effect, which are resonating filters based on short delays. These filters can be controlled by MIDI in a polyphonic way. The resonant low pass filter in the feedback path of the comb filters will allow you to obtain new kind of resonant textures. A distortion and a multi-mode post-filter will help you to make it scream like a bewitched preacher!
Ohmygod was initially developed for and distributed in the Computer Music magazine. We now offer it to any plug-in bundle purchaser.
Х Feedback-filtered comb resonator
Х Optional monophonic or 10-note polyphonic keyboard tracking
Х Distortion
Х Multi-mode filter
Х Ohm Force has implemented LFOs everywhere that give Ohmygod its particular power

8.Predatohm VST v1.35: эффект искажени€, дисторшн, компрессор, экспандер.
Predatohm is an effect plug-in that has been fully designed from a simple fact : sometimes you need to make BIG, PHAT, WILD and WARM sounds.
Х First 'user-friendly' multiband compressor/expandor ever.
Х Choose your weapon: Multiband distortion, with many distortion schemes available.
Х Warm, bright sound with the guitar feedback generator.
Х Quick and efficient sound shaping provided by the tone setting.
Х Make it wide with the Stereo Expander.
Х Optional High Quality rendering.
Х Integrated preset morphing solution.
Х MIDI Automation: control your Predatohm via MIDI. (this feature is only available on Expert and Propack).

9.Quad Frohmage VST v1.24: фильтр эффект.
Х A Four filters unit that you can assemble in every possible way.
Х 30 filter modes for each of those filters.
Х Advanced LFO module with 10 LFO types, Sample and Hold and smoothness control.
Х Advanced Envelope Follower module with Attack, Hold and Release settings.
Х Advanced XADSR module with and extra Sustain time parameter and an incredibly handy Sensitivity setting.
Х Apply those modulators to any parameter you want - even the three at the same time, using a factor from -1 to +1.
Х Easy BPM synchronization for all the modulation parameters - not only LFO but actually any parameter related to time (like .. say .. attack .. decay .. do you get it?)
Х Handful Copy and Paste feature to duplicate modulation parameters.
Х Advanced GUI full of live-dedicated features, such as flying knobs, preset morphing, and grouped parameters..
Х Advanced MIDI support with autobind feature and fast configuration.
Х Modulation can even been driven by a MIDI keyboard, with either velocity or tone. In this last case, you have the possibility to adjust the frequency of the filter to the corresponding note.