Rn102 And Readycloud Desktop App For Mac

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A week or two ago, I was unable to use ReadyCloud for a few weeks. The problem seemed to be fixed and I used it with success.

Not what you're looking for? Return to the ReadyCLOUD FAQ. To install the ReadyCLOUD Desktop App on your Windows PC: Download the ReadyCLOUD installation package: In your web browser, visit the ReadyCLOUD page. Click Sign In in the upper-right corner. Sign in with your MyNETGEAR account credentials. Click Download ReadyCLOUD App in the lower. Compatible with all Windows, Mac, Linux, web and mobile devices High-performance Marvell Armada CPU Two-bay hot-swappable 2.5' or 3.5' SATA / SSD Drive Bays 8TB maximum internal capacity Supports SSD and SATA drives (with tool-less installation) ReadyCLOUD for simple cloud-based setup, file access and management.

Today (February 24) when I tried to get on ReadyCloud I got the message that the NAS has been disconnected. When I went to check the situation I now get messages 'offline' and 'Available Services.'

Any ideas on what is happening or how to fix this?

Thank you.

Hi, every time

You have a DNS (like added in the active NIC/s on your ReadyNAS? Have you tried logging in/out of your ReadyCLOUD admin tab Cloud? Perhaps, the restart of the system or the network would be useful.

Rn102 And Readycloud Desktop App For Mac

Kind regards

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  • Hello

    Today (2016-10-19) the app told me to update. After updating the application, it is always connect to my NAS at home (NAS ID is shown), but tells me that the SIN is in offline mode.

    When it is remote to connect to my PC at home I can confirm ist NAS, running and shown in the local network. But even the local installed desktop app told me, that the SIN is on, but offline!

    NAS is already rebbotet; App has been transformed into market. No change.

    Did I already mention Netgears updates are made to the nightmare? :-/

    Thank you


    Hi tkernaghan,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    But it is not necessary to re - establish additional folders to synchronize on your box and the PC. Please follow the steps below:

    1. uninstall the incorrect version of the ReadyCloud desktop application;

    2 download the right version on readycloud.netgear.com;

    3. install the version that is appropriate;

    4 remove this file from your computer:
    On MAC: Deleting the file / users / [logged in user] / Library/Application Support/ReadyCLOUD/ReadyCLOUD.pkg.version
    On windows: delete this file C:Users[logged in]AppDataLocalTempReadyCloudSetup.exe

    All folders that you have previously synchronized would still be there after you install the correct version. No need to configure the synchronization again.

    Thank you

  • (Mods if this topic is in the wrong place please remove because I also responded to http://www.readynas.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=81208 , in the hope of an answer)

    I have a RN102 with firmware v6.2.4.

    To attempt to connect to ReadyCloud, I get the error ' * white * NAS is offline, check internet connectivity and power '

    I can ping my NAS successfully, it can look by using File Explorer, can access the admin page by typing the IP address and access all of my files in the admin console but ReadyCloud shows my NAS as offline and does not display any of my data, also tried the button 'backup' on the device for 5 seconds and looking for serial number on the tab 'Discover' in a couple of the last desperate attempts.. really confused , but I would not be surprised if it was a self-inflicted question:? ops :

    Is trelby safe to download

    I am currently turn off ReadyCloud and waiting for my reboot to re - activate ReadyCloud to see if it solves my problem.

    I'll edit the post or add another answer to follow once I did.

    EDIT *.

    So I tried the reactivation of ReadyCloud after the restart of the SIN and this is what displayed.. any ideas to resolve this would be greatly appreciated


    In case you used a static IP address, please make sure that the DNS settings are configured correctly.


  • Hi all

    Yesterday I started to receive a notification of the client PC ReadyCloud that my RN204 was offline. This started after I have went to the 4th weekend and tried to connect from my laptop. As you can see he recognizes the name of the NAS, but says it is offline, that it is not because I can use the Android mobile app to connect, share and download files.

    If anyone has an idea of what's going on?

    I should know and manage the RN204 since the new remotesite, correct?

    Kind regards!


    Thanks for the quick response.

    The problem, it turns out that it is that the RN204 was indeed turned off due to a more heating issue, that was not because of the SIN but the ambient heat of my apartment.

    Travel for a long weekend, I have disabled the thermostat to save, thus the good enough heated apartment in this southern humidity.

    Now, who begs to ask why I could get the RN204 with the mobile application, but not the web browser.. in any case it is a problem right now and it is brought back online.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Hello

    I work in a nonprofit who is having the same problem as the others 'offline' status of the server, problems are also encountered with respect being able identify you via Readycloud. Do you think we could have similar problems and if so how do we fix?

    After a few config was fixed and a re - install OS was done ReadyCLOUD now works very well for the HUTS.

  • Hello

    I have a Pioneer Pro upgraded to OS6. 6.2.4 ReadyCLOUD worked completely fine.

    I've just updated to the latest 6.4.1 beta 3 and I can not get ReadyCLOUD to switch on it.

    I tried to leave and add account several times, rebooting between departure and add and even a factory reset.

    In ReadyCLOUD the device appears under Discover but is offline on the home page.

    Whenever I have try to toggle ReadyCLOUD happens with a ReadyDROP warning, saying written off service.

    Grateful for any advice.

    Thank you


    Just like the follow-up..

    Skywalker accessible remotely kindly my Pioneer Pro and entered the correct serial number.

    This is apparently something that touched very pioneer Pro - serial number has not correctly entered in the factory.

    It's all working fine now.

    Kind regards


  • Hi, so, Ive had my readynas system for a little more than two months now and im still the problem I sent the papers a few times to try to solve, but no suggestion seems to remedy.

    about every day or alternated the management system is in offline mode. While its in this mode I can access just like usual locally and at least I look specifically at the unit or raidr is open, I have no idea it's his same crushed. 9/10 times after ive restarted one of the discs degrades and begins to synchronize. I never find her in this mode when I try to access the readycloud and the readynas shows offline and I can't access that either remotely, which is a huge convenience as Ive now had to start copying the files I might need my drive to icloud so I can access them at work that goes against the point of this system.

    I would point out that I use digital red West which are on the comptabiles lists all were new when I bought and logs for the hard disk has no errors

    I've updated to the latest beta before 6.5 is released as an admin has said that I should because it would fix the other problems I had and since then the actuall firmware was released that I installed

    IM pretty good at the end of the test and is considering sending the unit back. and goes with another manufacturer alltogether I got this nas to make my life easier and its been nothing but a headache. IM constantly having problems with it I'm not a computer expert and it looks clean which one you must be.

    I sent my logs earlier, I hope that we can settle this once and for all.

    Thank you very much

    Your logs show that your system is OOMing. Plex is using a lot of memory. You can contact technical support as proposed by StephenB.

    It seems that you have two different versions of installed Plex.

  • So, ReadyCloud is very convenient, especially for me to perform remote maintenance, but there is no reason to make it possible to delete files on our NAS server remotely. Rather, I'm terrified that someone anywhere in the world has only to work on a single password for all delete and destroy our business.

    I am convinced that the admin aspect is protected behind a second password, stored only on the devices themselves (although Wordpress has taught me that to be able to change the username admin certainly would not hurt), but I do not how to change the account of ReadyCloud on a 'read only' share, because the area is grayed out. Is there a way to get around this?

    Thank you Pack file manager for mac.

    Ok. Not quite what I was after as it seems to only affect only invited users, rather than the main account of ReadyCloud, which administers these permissions. Yet, I found that putting the SIN of offline backup and administer via a remote connection to a computer on the LAN are acceptable workaround.

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    For music apple if its does not sign of apple ID then sign.

    See you soon


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    Thanks for the comments,


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    We understand that you are no longer able to download music in Apple's music for the way you expect listen offline. We have a few different troubleshooting suggestions to suggest this behavior.

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  • I lost my iPad mini 2 today. I used the 'Find my iPhone' app an hour later because I lost it, and he said: my iPad has been disconnected.

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    If it is offline, there is no way to locate him.

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