Toontrack Ez Drummer Claustrophobic Ezx Expansion Pack For Mac

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Listed are three EZ Drummer 2 EZX Expansion that I absolutely adore. If like me you are a regular drum VI user then I strongly recommend you try some of these EZ Drummer 2 EZX pack for yourselves. 3 Drum Expansion Packs I Love For Toontrack EZ Drummer 2.

Toontrack EZdrummer

EZdrummer is a sample-based drum software synthesizer developed by Toontrack. It is a simplified version of its predecessor, DFH Superior. EZdrummer is based upon approximately 7000 16-bit 44.1 kHz samples of real drum kits. EZdrummer contains a mixer that allows the user to adjust the independent volumes of each of the microphones on the drum kit. EZdrummer also comes with approximately 8000 MIDI drumloops that can be directly drag and dropped.These loops are tempo-synchronized and volume-adjustable.

Toontrack has released twelve expansion packs for EZdrummer:

  • Cocktail (included as part of the EZdrummer package)
  • Drumkit from Hell (recorded with Tomas Haake)
  • Vintage Rock
  • Latin Percussion
  • Nashville (recorded with Harry Stinson)
  • Claustrophobic
  • Twisted
  • Funkmasters (recorded with John 'Jabo' Starks and Clyde Stubblefield, two drummers most famous for their work with James Brown)
  • Jazz (recorded with Roy Wooten)
  • Electronic
  • Metalheads (recorded with Tomas Haake)
  • Metal Machine (recorded with John Tempesta)
  • The Classic

The software has been used to produce a variety of albums, most notably Devin Townsend's 2007 concept album Ziltoid the Omniscient[1] and Meshuggah's album Catch Thirtythree (Tomas Haake, drummer for Meshuggah, helped develop the Drumkit from Hell software).

EZDrummer 2[edit]

On March 13, 2014, Toontrack announced EZDrummer 2, a new and updated version of EZDrummer.[2] It was recorded by the Grammy award-winning Chuck Ainlay, at British Grove Studios in London.[3] It was released on May 6, 2014. It costs $179 for new buyers or $99 as an upgrade from EZDrummer.[2] It contains EZDrummer’s sounds and kits, which are updated and modernized for this new release, two new sound libraries and a selection of percussion sounds. One of the new percussion sections contain cowbell, claps, snaps maracas, cabasa and a tambourine.[3] It allows for the creation of new kits using sounds and instruments from previously installed expansion libraries.

Its audio engine will be remodeled to provide real-time sample rate conversion, a greater number of individual hits per velocity layer, faster loading times and a feature for smoother sequenced hits called Multiple Hits Emulation.[3] Its mixer, effects and graphics will differ and will be changed from those in EZDrummer.[4]

A new ‘Tap2Find’ feature will allow the tapping of a desired rhythm to find a list of close matches and to create patterns more quickly. A parameter called ‘Amount’ will control the number of hits on a single drum or on the whole kit, in real time. This is done through an algorithm based on drum performances that adds and removes hits and play closer to what a real drummer would play.[3]

Monstrum now available for mac

Any purchase of EZdrummer will automatically be eligible for a free upgrade to EZdrummer 2 from March 13, 2014 through May 6, 2014 (digital delivery only).[5]Following this release, the first version of EZDrummer will no longer be available for sale since EZDrummer 2 will be replacing it.[2]


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