What Is The Google Chrome Helper For Mac

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The Benefits of Using Google Chrome on a Mac Some of the most common and compelling reasons people prefer to use Chrome include: Chrome ties into the Google ecosystem. You can sign in to your Google account using Chrome and gain access to all your Google services and data stored in your Google account, right there in your browser. What is google chrome helper and how to reduce high CPU usage by google chrome helper in mac osx? 'Google Chrome Helper' is an interface that exists between the code embedded in the browser and a server located. Activate office 2016 mac without microsoft account. The default settings of Google Chrome are designed to make the Helper run as soon as you launch the browser.


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Hi guys!
I've got a question regarding 'Google Chrome Helper', it's taking up quite some RAM and it's not even responding.
I'm getting a new macbook in 2 months but for the time being i still need to do some web development on my Mid-2010 MBP with 4GB of ram, which is at 99% capacity for most of the time.
I'm running 10.10, but can someone explain me why i've got a lot of GCH that aren't responding?
If downgrading from 10.10 to the latest Mavericks would benefit my performance i'm happy to do so (but how?).
Hopefully someone can help me out, i'm quite annoyed with the current performance of my MBP.


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I am a noob, regardless of a computer degree and years of using computers, I have not really grasped the complete knowledge why this happened, and really would like an proper (English) translation (layman’s terms)
I know that Mac aren’t usually subseptable to Viruses/Malware, but I have Sophos Home
V 1.2.6, and Malware Bytes that I run occasionally (once a month) I try to make sure it is ok (running properly) I am no Apple Genius but want to make sure it is ok
I also use Chrome and have a bunch of tabs open, hundreds!! which uses a lot of Ram (no idea why) and I have no idea what Google Chrome Helper is. Like I said I know I am doing something wrong, but don’t understand why it’s wrong or the whole inner mechanics if you will
I was running a scan, with Sophos, and it was saying over 3 million files to scan, this was taking forever, and not slowing anything down, but within 3-4 days of leaving the computer on, the fan is going nuts, switching between programs was slowing down, and Sophos went to a crawl. Looked into a few YouTube videos and Activity Monitor, and it was almost completely dominated by Google Chrome Helper. I took YouTube’s advice, backed up my session, force quit Chrome, and the second I did the scan on Sophos went faster than I had seen it in ages
Even now with Chrome closed, looking at Activity Montior, there are still Google Chrome Helper Processss but Chrome is not open. The computer is much faster, programs are responding again, things are better.. but I am still left in th dark here.
I need a middle ground, I religiously use Chrome, is there a way I can use it without slowing down (potentially damaging) my computer?